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Nurse by calling, night owl by nature.

RN student by day. LVN by night.

In my limited spare time I love relaxing on my So Cal beaches and planning (real and imaginary) vacations.

I reblog what makes me smile, cry, or think.

Sep 30 '14
"Nursing school is reading your textbook, knowing your definitions, diagnoses, complications, and applications, then trying to answer test questions that make you feel like you never knew anything at all."
Sep 29 '14
"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sep 29 '14

Nursing school meltdown…

I am at the point of the quarter where I have fully lost all motivation.  I have a huge care plan due on Thursday that I have no even started though we have the information needed to work on it since Friday.

Sunday I did absolutely nothing.  It was a much needed break, but will in the end was probably not the best choice.

My midterm grade in this course (med/surge I) is 96%, but sadly having that good of a grade just makes me even more lazy.

Besides the care plan due on Thursday (that is a competency requirement) we have another exam on Monday and I have not even started to look over the information.

I am also just annoyed with myself over something that happened today.  We had a simulation experience.  These are just “learning experiences” with no grades and no repercussions.  I was one of the nurses and was giving the ordered pain medication.  I completely spaced on saying anything about the 5 rights.  I know I did it because everywhere I work or have clinical its all scanning now that covers your 5 rights.  I did ask the pain scale and verbalize why I would be giving the IM injection where I did.  But still in the debriefing they pointed that out as an error for the group.  We had other little things to work on but that seemed like the only specific thing to one person so now I feel dumb.  Your clinical instructor is present for the sims and now I feel like she is going to be looking at my differently for making such a basic safety error.  Plus being the kind of person I am I now week running it through my head seeing any other little errors I made or things I should have done better.

I had been handling the stress of school really well until this week.  But the exhaustion from full time school, full time night shifts at work, and family commitments has all just collided.  So instead of working on my care plan I am just sitting here crying about a dumb mistake that will take me far longer to move on from than it should.

Sep 29 '14


Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

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Sep 29 '14



U ever been so tired ur eyelids burn when u blink

Night shift problems.

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Sep 28 '14




Sep 25 '14


Nursing is awesome and beautiful and amazing and I love it.

But there sure is a lot of bullshit that goes along with it.

Sep 24 '14


crazy eyes is the realest bitch. 

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Sep 24 '14

Busy week in nursing school…

Monday: pharm exam

Tues and Wed: Ortho surgery observation (lots of foley inserts!)

Thursday: med/surg exam

Friday: cellulitis simulation

And then I still have to work Friday and Saturday night.

Sep 24 '14
Sums up nursing school pretty damn well!

Sums up nursing school pretty damn well!

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